Watch Jay Leno driving an incredible 1911 firetruck through the streets of LA

US-based talk show host and car collector Jay Leno has a vast and varied collection of rare and interesting vehicles – and what's best is he keeps as many of them as possible in usable and roadworthy condition.

This week, Leno decided to give one of his most unusual vehicles an airing. It's a 1911 Christie fire truck, one of the first ever deployed, and it's little short of majestic. It's powered by a 20-litre (that's right... 20 litre) four-cylinder engine which powers the front wheels in an unusual arrangement. At the rear sits a massive pumping machine, which would have been horse-drawn before the remainder of the Christie system was bolted on.

Leno's fire engine was owned by the Los Angeles Fire Department until the 1970s – though we hope they stopped using it to attend callouts. It was then sold to the fire department of Wayne, New Jersey, for promotional purposes.

Leno bought it to restore and has plans to donate it to the Los Angeles Fire Department Museum.

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