Teen steals bulldozer and leads police on four-mile chase

Police footage has emerged of what could be the slowest car chase ever. The video shows Austin White, of Bourbonnaise, Illinois, being pursued by police as he drives down the street in a stolen bulldozer.

The bulldozer had been stolen from a construction site in Bradley, Illinois, and reported by an off-duty officer. The feed from the police car's camera shows the moment the desperate teen driver reversed the 'dozer over the top of another squad car – with the officer inside only just getting out in time.

The four-mile chase only hit top speeds of around five miles per hour, and officers were able to pursue the vehicle on foot in some parts.

Eventually, an officer was able to jump onto the bulldozer and break a window, whereupon he apprehended the driver and tased him on the ground.

White has been charged with six offences, including driving under the influence and attempted murder.

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