Research finds not shopping around for insurance can cost an extra £266 a year

Car Crash

When the time comes to renew your car insurance, are you guilty of simply letting your policy roll over with the same company? If you are, you could be paying well over the odds.

Recent research by insurance comparison firm GoCompare has found drivers who let their policies automatically renew pay, on average, £266 more than they need to.

GoCompare says one in seven drivers is guilty of letting their policies auto-renew, while less than 40 per cent switch insurers when they renew.

So why is the insurance-buying public so lazy? GoCompare blames the insurance firms, saying that the letters they send out tell drivers they don't need to do anything, rather than encouraging them to shop around for the best possible price.

Georgie Frost from GoCompare commented: "While auto-renewal guarantees that drivers maintain cover at all times and don't inadvertently end up driving uninsured, firms aren't effectively communicating all the options open to people.

"We'd like to see insurers make sure that important information is prominently displayed, so that policyholders are actively and effectively encouraged to shop around every year."
Malcolm Tarling from the Association of British Insurers agreed, saying: "Insurance is a very competitive market, with many existing customers shopping around to get the right policy for their needs at the best price. We all want a market that operates in the best interests of customers."

He also issued a warning to customers, reminding them: "When shopping around it is important to buy the right policy for your needs, which may not be the cheapest."

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