Investigation finds Tesla and driver both to blame in self-driving car crash

In 2016, Joshua Brown became the first person to die in a self-driving car accident, when his Tesla Model S crashed into the side of a large 18-wheeler truck. Now, an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has found that he wasn't wholly to blame for the incident – shifting some of the focus onto Tesla and its semi-autonomous 'Autopilot' system.

The NTSB found that Brown was too reliant on the car's Autopilot system, and criticised Tesla. It said the firm's Autopilot tech allowed for "prolonged disengagement from the driving task".

Tesla has defended itself, claiming that the car gave Brown seven warnings to resume steering the car. But the NTSB says Autopilot has "operational limitations" and did not give Brown enough time to react to the truck.

Though no action has yet been taken, the board has issued advice and warnings to other firms dabbling in self-driving vehicle technology. It's hoped this will help avoid similar incidents in the future.

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