Cat with breathing problems found to have 15cm blade of grass up nose

A cat that had trouble breathing was found to have a 15cm blade of grass stuck up his nose.

The pet, named Fergus Hamilton, was taken by his owner to a vet due to constant sneezing and coughing.

Jill MacDonald, from Inglis Vets in Edinburgh, discovered Fergus had something lodged up his nose but after sedating the cat, she was surprised at just how long the blockage was.

(Inglis Veterinary Centres/PA)
(Inglis Veterinary Centres/PA)

The vet said: "I couldn't believe how much of the grass blade was coming from Fergus's nose, so much so that afterwards I had to get a ruler to see just how long it was - it was a staggering 15cm.

"Poor Fergus would have been feeling a lot of discomfort at having this stuck where it was, which is why it was crucial that his owner got him to us as quickly as they did."

The issue is said to be common in outdoor cats but can become serious if not removed.

(Inglis Veterinary Centres/PA)
(Inglis Veterinary Centres/PA)

Ms MacDonald added: "Although the piece of grass stuck in Fergus's nose was particularly long, this issue can be quite common in cats, especially outdoor cats.

"Symptoms usually include coughing, hard swallowing, gagging and retching. Cats may also refuse to eat or drink due to the discomfort.

"We would always recommend owners seek veterinary advice immediately if they think their pet has any of these symptoms.

"Although in Fergus's case the issue was easily treatable and he was sent home the same day, if it had been left, the situation could have become much worse."

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