Driver wraps sports car around lamp-post – but escapes with minor injuries

Derbyshire's Roads Policing Unit has released a terrifying image on Twitter, which should make drivers think twice about their speed in wet and rainy conditions. It shows a sporty Toyota MR2 bent almost double after leaving the road at high speed and hitting a lamp post.

The driver of the MR2 had a very narrow escape, with the caption saying: "Lucky to escape with minor injuries". The collision occurred on the A50 near Alvaston after a spell of heavy rain.

It appears the driver suffered hydroplaning when hitting standing water, a phenomenon that causes near total loss of traction as a layer of water prevents a car's tyres from touching the road surface.

Hydroplaning causes vehicles to lose control of steering and braking, although accidents often happen if the driver attempts to regain control of the car by slamming on the brakes or swerving. When the tyres regain grip, the car can suddenly spear off in an unexpected direction.

Derbyshire police took the opportunity to warn drivers of the dangers, saying: "Drive to the conditions," while commenters on the tweet took varying approaches, with many advising the driver to purchase a lottery ticket.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire police said: "The driver was stood out of the vehicle when police arrived complaining of minor injuries, mainly pain to his back and ribs and he had got some cuts and bruises."

He was later discharged at the scene.

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