AppyParking raises £2.25m for autonomous parking system

Parking cars in the city

Autonomous cars are a hot topic on everyone's minds at the moment, but you probably haven't given much thought to how they will find a suitable parking space. Luckily, a British tech company has, and is in the process of raising funding to map out Britain's parking spaces nationwide.

AppyParking, founded in 2013, currently runs its eponymous parking app. It's a popular option, especially among city drivers attempting to find the cheapest on-street parking near their chosen destination.

Now though, AppyParking is branching out and plans to survey Britain's kerbsides to create even more accurate parking maps suitable for autonomous vehicles.

AppyParking has so far raised £2.25m in funding from two investors, and aims to raise even more from a bigger funding push next year. The money will help pay for a laser survey of kerbsides which the company can then sell to companies pursuing autonomous cars – Google, Uber, Ford, Tesla and Audi to name but a few.

Emanuele Angelidis, CEO of Breed Reply (one of the two companies to have invested so far) said: "AppyParking has quickly established itself as a must-have app for drivers but also has exciting applications in terms of fleet management and helping the creation of smart cities."

The company is currently piloting a system in Westminster to allow instant cash payment in parking spaces, cutting out the need for wardens and meters. Dan Hubert, CEO of AppyParking, claims increasing use of smart parking systems would see local councils save cash on employing wardens, saying: "Some councils lose money on parking enforcement."

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