Driver loses control of his Porsche and smashes into crowd

A Cars and Coffee event in Boise, Idaho was blighted by a reckless driver in a Porsche, who lost control of his car and slammed into a group of spectators. Now video has emerged from people in the crowd as the car loses traction and spins into the pedestrians.

Witnesses filmed the rare Porsche Boxster Spyder as it exited the event, joining a group of other cars doing burnouts and drifts. But the driver of the Porsche spun and found himself running headlong into the nearby crowd watching the event.

Eleven people were taken to hospital, six in ambulances. Though Boise police spokeswoman Haley Williams said there were many with serious injuries, none were said to be life-threatening.

Police say the driver co-operated fully with inquiries. Now, in the aftermath, spectators are calling for greater safety precautions to be taken at events like these in future.

Cars and Coffee events are popular among enthusiasts, especially in the USA, but have attracted criticism for encouraging displays of dangerous driving, particularly when leaving the events.

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