CCTV shows a worker run over as he climbs out of a manhole

A video has emerged from Russia showing the heart-stopping moment a ground worker climbs out of a manhole – only to be struck by a car.

Footage shot in the city of Nizhnekamsk in south-central Russia captured the worker rising from underground. As his head and shoulders make an appearance, a Nissan SUV appears from nowhere and runs him over, pinning him to the side of the manhole.

After a few seconds, the car reverses back, releasing the man.

Pedestrians immediately rushed to the aid of the injured man, lifting him from the manhole and laying him on the side of the road. He was rushed to hospital and incredibly survived the incident with no more than a fractured rib.

Police said that the Nissan was driven by an unnamed woman. They did not say if charges would be pressed, though her case would likely be helped by the lack of warning signs or fences.

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