Decode your child’s digital world as they head back to school

Teenage Girl Victim Of Bullying By Text Messaging

As the new school term time begins TalkTalk's partners at Internet Matters have illustrated how children face increased digital pressure at this time of year and often hide their online torment from their parents.

To help combat this situation Internet Matters have produced a guide to help parents understand their children's hidden digital anxieties as they head back to school and keep them safe online.

Part of this guide aims to help parents decode their children's digital lives by encouraging their children to open up about their online activities. Here's how:

Talk early and often

- Talk with children from an early age to make it easier to maintain good communication
- Have bitesize conversations that are relevant to them

Choose the right time

- Choose to talk when you are due to spend some time together, like over a meal or during their bedtime routine
- Bring digital experience into normal, everyday conversations.

Open up and share too
- Model the behaviour you want them to show by sharing about your day
- Be open and encouraging to make them feel supported.

Create a safe space for your child

- Ask open-ended questions
- Ensure that your child feels listened to rather than cornered
- When they start talking, hold off with questions and really listen
- Be prepared, calm and patient with them.

To read the complete guide to keeping children safe, safe, savvy and smart in their digital world visit the Internet Matters website.
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