‘Creepy’ traffic bollards spark opposition from residents

A similar traffic bollard in Nottingham. Photo from @bollard_britain (Twitter)

Controversial mannequin-style traffic figures have been branded 'creepy' and 'dangerous' by residents in Buckinghamshire.

The bollards, known as Bill and Belinda, have been installed by Iver District Council in an aim to improve road safety outside schools. They have been placed near Iver infant and junior schools in a bid to deter drivers from speeding. The bollards, which cost £5,395, aim to fool drivers into thinking a child is waiting to cross the road.

However, locals have called the figures "creepy" and "awful".

Resident Alison Major told The Telegraph: "They look awful, they should have been a normal traffic bollard. They will be knocked over in no time or defaced with graffiti.

"When people know that it's just a bollard they will just continue as normal as they get used to them, so when a child does step out the potential for them to get hit is still here."

Connor McGinn added: "If I was a driver they would scare me into crashing, super creepy."

However, Buckinghamshire Tory county councillor Luisa Sullivan, who led the initiative, said she suspected the backlash had come from parents who could no longer park their cars on the kerb outside the schools.

She told The Telegraph: "Whilst they may not look pretty, they have minimal facial appearances as to not distract drivers. They are merely supposed to resemble school children and make drivers think.

"We also have a number of parents who mount the kerb at the school, and these bollards can act as a deterrent to this. Maybe that is causing annoyance, but I think that if they make the school area safer they should only be seen as a good thing."
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