Amazing facts about Buckingham Palace

You'll never believe these surprising facts about Buckingham Palace.

Queen Victoria moved into the palace in 1837, and was the first monarch to live there.

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There are 19 state rooms open to the public, but that leaves 756 rooms still undiscovered.

So what are in those private rooms? The palace has a chapel, post office and even a movie theatre.

There's even a cash machine in the basement that prints money only for the royal family

450 works of art are on display for the public in the Queen's gallery but there are thousands of other pieces of art for royal eyes only.

Part of the Queen's private collection is housed in the basement.

The chandeliers in the palace can actually be lowered by remote control for ease of cleaning.

The Queen's royal garden is exceptional and spans 39 acres - this is equivalent to 30 American football pitches and it has 25 different varieties of rose.

This includes the Royal William - a special rose dedicated to Prince William.

Spirits of a monk and King Edward VII's secretary haunt the palace.

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