This floating swimming pool is what every city needs

Meet Plus Pool, the floating public swimming pool that has been designed for dirty city rivers filled with sewage. So, why would you want to swim in it?

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The pool can float in any body of water, including the River Thames, and filter it without using any chemicals. It can even filter wildlife, rubbish, bacteria and viruses.

Plus Pool is capable of holding 5,000 swimmers and would clean 600,000 gallons of water every day - how's that for eco-friendly credentials?

It was first designed with New York's East River in mind and if successful could be installed for swimmers in cities around the world.

Like the idea of swimming in a pool with a difference? Check out more of the most incredible public pools around the globe.

Amazing public swimming pools around the world
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Amazing public swimming pools around the world

Public swimming pools aren't often recognised for their beauty, especially when it comes to the average local lido, but there are some truly sublime places around the world where anyone can take a dip, including Australia's Bondi Baths.

Closer to home, Iceland offers an unrivalled natural spot for a swim, while Paris has a beautiful, historic pool that will make you want to strip down to your trunks while in the city. Here are some of our favourite public swimming pools, from Florida to Budapest.

While there are plenty of indoor swimming pools in Vancouver, the Kitsilano Pool is the city's only saltwater swimming pool and boasts spectacular views over the city and over English Bay. This outdoor pool is 137m in length with threes slides and is open from May through to September.

If you want to enjoy stunning views of Barcelona and a swim at the same time then the Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc on top of the Montjuic Hill is just the ticket. The outdoor pool was built for the diving events in the 1992 Olympics and there's even a small cafe where you can pick up refreshments. 

Fancy a dip in one of Berlin's most unusual pools? The Badeschiff is an open-air swimming pool on a harboured barge which grants swimmers stunning views of the city's skyline. The pool is open from May to September, 8am to 12am. 

Where better to go for a swim than at a former Olympic park? Swim in the same pool gold medal winners did in 2008 during the Beijing Olympics at the Water Cube. The aquatic centre, which took five years to build, played host to the swimming, diving and sychronised swimming in 2008 but is now used for training and leisure.

Tooting Bec Lido can boast of being the largest freshwater open-air pool in England which is just one reason why Londoners flock to the lido when the sun comes out. The pool is a firm favourite with locals and is well known for the brightly coloured changing blocks that line the edge of the pool.

If spectacular views are what you're looking for then Krapfenwaldbad in Vienna is the place to go. The pool is found sitting on the natural terraces carved into a mountain, granting swimmers panoramic views of the city. While not in the centre of the city, there's a bus route that leads to the pool and it's definitely worth the trip to see the view.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world and the North Sydney Olympic Pool sits right next to it. If you want to enjoy a swim in the blazing Australian sunshine then you'll be in good company after all, a whopping 86 world records have been set in this pool!
Found in the valley of the Eyjafjallajökull ice cap, the Seljavallalaug pool is truly unique. The breathtaking surroundings will certainly make up for the low temperatures. The pool is about and hour and a half's drive from Reykjavik and while you can drive most of the way, you'll have to walk through the striking Icelandic countryside for the last stretch. 
Piscine Molitor was first opened in 1929 and then closed 60 years later before it became a public monument popular with artists. It was later reopened as a swimming pool in 2014. Molitor has two pools avaiable - one for winter and one for summer. The winter pool is covered by a glass roof while the summer pool is heated to a pleasant 28C year-round.

Created in 1923 from a coral rock quarry, Coral Gables' Venetian Pool is a unique swimming spot that features two historic lookout towers and 820,000 gallons of spring water. There are waterfalls that provide a scenic backdrop and cave-like grottos offering a fun experience for swimmers. The pool also has palm trees, loggias and a signature bridge.

Found in the heart of Amsterdam just a few minutes walk from the Rijksmuseum, the Zuiderbad is a beautiful art deco pool with vintage changing huts lining the sides. The pool and interior of the building have recently been restored, showcasing the original beauty of the building. 
Open to the public year-round, the iconic Bondi Baths has been a historical landmark of Bondi Beach for over 100 years. Swimmers can enjoy doing laps in the 50-metre pool or take the kids to the children's pool. The clubhouse complex also features a bistro, bars and a sauna.
Spa lovers who like to swim in warm waters will adore Budapest's stunning Gellert Baths. Opened in 1918, the art nouveau thermal baths feature indoor, outdoor and sitting pools. The effervescent swimming pool in the main hall is 98 feet long and is one of the most incredible places to relax in the city as you marvel at the historic surroundings.
Set in the borough of Queens, Astoria Pool has Olympic-sized lanes and plenty of space for waterside relaxing. Located between the Robert F. Kennedy and Hell Gate Bridges, this is one New York City pool for taking in the views.
This beautiful art deco outdoor pool complex overlooking the Sea Point beachfront is one of the most breathtaking public swimming pools in the world. The saltwater pools include an Olympic-sized pool, two children's splash pools and a springboard diving pool. Built right on the Atlantic Ocean, swimmers can enjoy taking to the filtered sea water year-round.
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