Formula 2 driver has narrow escape after serious smash at Spa

This is the shocking moment a Formula 2 driver was involved in a major smash at Spa over the weekend.

Nobuharu Matsushita can be seen getting out of the mangled wreckage of his ART Grand Prix racer before leaning on the barrier, winded from the impact and clearly in a stare of shock.

The footage shows Matsushita approaching a bend before spinning out spectacularly as he hits the barrier at speed, destroying his car.

Speaking to online motorsport forum Autosport, he said: "I was following Malja, I stayed close and then I lost the rear and then I spun.

"It was the biggest crash of my life."

The safety car can be seen racing onto the track to stop the race, with another safety vehicle with a doctor going to the scene to assess Matsushita.

Luckily, he walked away mostly unscathed apart from a small burn caused by boiling water that sprayed out of the radiator during the crash.

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