Driver rear-ends truck after paper flies into his face  

WARNING: Video contains strong language

A driver has been caught rear-ending a truck after a piece of paper flew into his face and blinded him momentarily.

The motorist was travelling on a highway near Brant in Ontario, Canada, when the smash happened.

Dash cam footage shows the driver in the outside lane when he slowly begins to veer into the right-hand lane.

He tries to steer away from the truck but doesn't do it in time and crashes into the back of it.

With the bonnet smashed upwards he spins out, and can be heard swearing
in disbelief at what has just happened.

Speaking to AOL, the unnamed driver said: "I was going about 120kmh with my windows down when a piece of paper flew up from back seat around my face. I couldn't see for a few seconds.

"There were no injuries, and no one else was involved other than me and the truck."

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