Aston Martin DBR1 replicas evoke racing glory

An engineering company has begun hand-building replica Aston Martin DBR1 racing cars.

Called the ASM R1 Le Mans, it is designed to replicate one of the most iconic racing cars in Aston Martin's history, and is a fully bespoke hand-built car made in a workshop in Bressingham, Norfolk.

So far, 35 have been built, with many more in the pipeline. They cost between £80,0000 and £180,000 depending on the customer's requirements – considerably less than the eye-watering £17.5 million a real one sold for earlier this month at a Sotheby's auction in Monterey.

Company founder Andrew Soar originally started the engineering business to build AC Cobra kit cars but moved on to the ASM R1 Le Mans.

The car starts with a monocoque chassis which then has hand-made metal panels attached to it as the build continues.

The interior is created to the customer's specification and the engine is sourced from a donor car before it is fully rebuilt by the company's team of experts.

Speaking to the BBC, Soar said: "Basically, in period it was a racing prototype, so it was like a big Le Mans car of today.

"It's very famous because it's one that made Aston its victory at Le Mans in 1959.

"You'll see in the workshop that there's various stages we go through. We make as many parts as we can on site, and we end up with a product like this."

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