TV reporter helps rescue truck driver in Houston floods live on air

TV reporter helps rescue truck driver in Houston floods live on air

A TV reporter managed to help rescue a truck driver stuck in his cab with flood water rising around him while live on air.

Brandi Smith can be seen flagging down two sheriff's deputies driving past with a rescue boat, all while she's on camera for Khou 11 News, reports the Telegraph.

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She says to the officers: "There's a truck driver stuck here in about 10 feet of water." She goes on to point out that water is "now filling his cab".

The airboat is then launched into the water and the officers drag the man through the passenger window.

Brandi keeps talking to camera and says: "Incredible kudos to these two sheriff's deputies who are risking their lives in this deep water."

The man makes it back to dry land and is hugely grateful, saying: "I just thank God that you guys were right here to get me and put me back on land safely."

And Brandi coulldn't resist asking for a cuddle, saying: "This is going to sound weird but can I hug you?"

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc on Houston over the last couple of days. According to the Guardian, over 2,500 people are taking shelter in the George Brown Convention Centre. At least two people have been killed after 30 inches of rain fell in some counties of Texas in the past 72 hours.

Emergency services have received over 6000 calls for help in Houston, with people heading to their rooftops to escape flash flooding. The Coast Guard said it had rescued 1,200 people, of which 200 were from the air.

The US National Weather Service said the flood threat was spreading to Louisiana, with up to 25 inches of rain expected in southwestern parts of the state.

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