Load rage: Brits spend 10 hours per year waiting for their phones or laptops to load

Angry businessman holding his head

The average Brit will spend the equivalent of nearly two YEARS of their life...just waiting, according to a new research from TalkTalk. This includes TEN HOURS a year waiting for laptops and computers to load while 45 minutes every month will be spent waiting for video buffering to stop.

Researchers took an in-depth look into how long we spend aimlessly hanging around, with waiting in supermarket queues, delayed flights and waiting impatiently for phones to charge among the main time wasters.

The research found 11 minutes a week will be spent waiting for our phones to update and the equivalent of nine hours a year will be spent twiddling our thumbs while TV and films painstakingly download.

With many of us online shopping, streaming films or watching live TV on the internet while using other devices at the same time, the demands of modern homes have surpassed standard broadband. It's no wonder that waiting for the internet is causing Brits to lose their cool so much - 138 times* a year to be precise. TalkTalk has now coined the term "Load Rage" to describe this modern-day phenomenon.

However, upgrading to speedier fibre broadband will reduce internet waiting time and return some valuable time.

Aside from internet induced 'load rage', the study also revealed sitting in traffic, waiting in for deliveries to arrive and eagerly waiting for food to be served in restaurants were among the things we got fed up of waiting for.

Laurent Kretzschmar, Head of Product at TalkTalk, said: "While a faster internet connection won't speed up post office queues, fibre broadband gives you the speed and the bandwidth you need to stream, download, browse and upload at the same time without slowing your experience, giving you some precious time back."

Unlimited fibre from TalkTalk offers a more reliable connection than standard broadband, using the same cables as BT and Sky but at a much lower price. In an industry where mid-contract price hikes have become commonplace, TalkTalk is bucking the trend and offering customers the chance to fix their fibre broadband price for up to 24 months from as little as £25 a month. For more information visit: https://www.talktalk.co.uk/fibre

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