Hair-raising moment car almost cause two crashes

A lorry's dash cam has captured the lucky escape a motorist had on the M1 after losing control of their car.

The lorry driver, who was transporting a cargo of new cars, was driving down the motorway near Leicester during rain last Thursday.

The footage shows the lorry overtaking another trucker in the middle lane with several other vehicles around him.

Suddenly a dark-coloured Toyota Avensis can be seen losing control as they start to aquaplane. Luckily, its driver regains control.

The danger isn't over, though, as they seem to come to a stop in the lane. With no choice the lorry driver sharply swerves across into the fourth lane, where he isn't supposed to be.

However, his actions avoided what could have been a serious crash. Other cars can also be seen braking heavily.

Amazingly, there is no contact between any of the vehicles and no injuries.

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