This is the bizarre moment a fight breaks out between two Mercedes drivers

A duel between the drivers of a silver Mercedes ML and a black Mercedes G63 broke out for reasons that aren't actually clear.

A passenger in another car was filming a procession of vehicles down a highway in Russia where other cars include a white Rolls-Royce Ghost and a newer Mercedes ML.

The G63 passes by with the silver ML following behind. Suddenly, its driver accelerates hard and smashes into the G63, causing serious damage to the side, demolishing the side step and bending the exhaust pipes.

The driver of the G63 clearly sees red and decided to have revenge by smashing back into the ML. Soon a duel breaks out between both vehicles.

Other cars around begin to back off, not wanting to have their cars damaged. It escalates into constant crashes and eventually the ML is sent sideways.

The road rage culminates in the ML ramming very hard into the G63 before the film ends.

It is still unclear why there was a procession, although many commenters have said it could be a wedding. It is also unclear what sparked this moment of fury between the two.

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