Shocking moment topless pedestrian starts randomly attacking cars

A topless man has been caught on camera randomly attacking two vehicles as they attempted to pull out from a roundabout in Christchurch, Dorset.

In the footage, a red Peugeot stops at a roundabout as a topless man emerges from the right and throws a stick at the car – being driven by an elderly person.

The car quickly begins to speed off as the driver behind with a dash cam beeps his horn at the crazed man, who then turns on his Ford Fiesta. He suddenly mounts the front of the car and kicks down on the bonnet.

The driver, Adam Parker, 30, from New Milton in Hampshire, can be heard telling the man he is on camera. This does not perturb the man, however, who continues his violent streak by lashing out at the car as he punches it on the side.

He soon walks off but suddenly comes running back and starts to attack the side of the car again. At this point, Parker manages to drive away before any more violent outbursts from the man can ensue.

A spokesperson from Dorset police has confirmed damage was done to the vehicle and that an investigation is ongoing, although no arrests have been made so far.

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