Driver escapes bizarre attempted carjacking 


A dash cam has captured the bizarre moment two amateur carjackers failed to steal a car despite threatening the occupants with baseball bats.

The footage shows a car driving along a muddy track in Russia when they happen upon a truck parked diagonally to block their path.

Two men run at the car and begin threatening the occupants with baseball bats. The car passengers can be heard shouting at them in Russian while they start reversing trying to escape.

One of the men runs after them, still wielding a bat towards them, as the other man runs back towards the truck. The entire incident is being recorded on their dash cam, which is pointed out to the man.

Clearly shaken by the ordeal a woman can be heard screaming. Suddenly, an attacker attempts to open the passenger's door, at which point the driver sees his opportunity and accelerates quickly.

Dodging the truck the two manage to flee from the criminals. According to reports the police were made aware of the incident, which is currently being investigated.

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