Elephant charges tourist truck and shakes it

Elephant charges tourist truck and shakes it

A group of safari tourists were left terrified after an angry elephant charged their truck - and tried to topple it.

The elephant obviously felt threatened or that the group had invaded its space.

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It can be heard making loud noises and flaps its ears as it prepares to approach the open-sided tour van, and a number of passengers can be heard panicking in the background.

The elephant then comes closer and uses its trunk to shake the truck, perhaps in a bid to topple it.

A number of people can be heard screaming as this occurs.

However, the elephant stops and seems to change its mind on continuing with the aggressive behaviour, leaving, we're sure, a number of relieved tourists behind.

According to the Daily Mail, it's believed the incident happened in a safari park a few hours from Cape Town.

Back in May, a group of tourists got a shock when an angry bull elephant suddenly started charging at a car in Pilansberg National Park, South Africa.

In April, dramatic footage of a large bull elephant 'charging' at tourists on safari in Sri Lanka emerged.

The video, filmed in Uda Walawe National Park, shows the elephant possibly warning the tourists to keep their distance by throwing dirt in the air with his trunk. Then, all of a sudden, he dummy charges towards the jeep. Nobody was hurt in the incident.

And, back in February, video of an elephant showed its displeasure at a group of tourists getting too close for comfort as it picked up a branch and hurled it at the jeep in South Africa.

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