Double disaster as woman confuses steps for car park entrance

A woman in Chile has been filmed accidentally mistaking a flight of steps as the entrance to a car park, and then forgetting to put the handbrake on.

The hilarious moment was caught on camera in Santiago, Chile. A woman can be seen in a Land Rover Freelander descending down some steps before stopping when the driver realised that it was not the entrance to the car park.

Clearly flustered by her mistake, various bystanders come to her aid and talk to her.

As she gets out of the car, however, it is obvious she hasn't applied the handbrake. The car suddenly flies forward, with the woman tumbling out of the car. As it plummets down the steps, it smashes into a building.

The amount of damage to the car and building is unknown, although the camera shaking suggests the impact was quite heavy.

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