Shocking moment Infiniti driver causes serious crash

This is the shocking moment an Infiniti driver hit a BMW on an American highway, causing it to spear into a lorry trailer.

The speeding Infiniti G37 driver was driving up the inside lane behind the truck, but instead of slowing down to wait for a space, they sped up to get in front of the BMW 4 Series.

As can be seen in the footage, there was no space for the Infiniti to get through and it hit the BMW at speed, causing the coupe to pitch sideways and crash into the underside of the truck's trailer.

Fortunately, there were no serious injuries in the incident near Colton, California, as the driver of the BMW walked away with only "cuts and bruises", despite the severity of the impact.

The son of the injured driver, Alan Parcero, posted the footage on Facebook along with pictures of the wrecked BMW. Parcero wrote: "My mom was sideswiped and pinned under the trailer of a semi-truck. After all of that, the person in the Infiniti still had the audacity to leave the scene. Justice will be served and karma will catch up to you guaranteed. Thankfully my mom was able to walk away from the incident with only minor cuts and bruises."

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