Drivers could be risking their insurance without knowing it

A Queens Park Rangers sticker in a parked car

There are many things that can invalidate your insurance that are common knowledge, such as modifying the exhaust or body in any way and not informing your insurance company.

However, there are some less obvious ones you may not know about. One of the most surprising is that wearing flip-flops or high heels can actually void your insurance altogether.

In a survey of 1,593 people by price comparison site, more than 25 per cent admitted to wearing high heels or flip-flops when driving – footwear deemed unsafe to use by insurance companies.

A shocking statistic, however, was that a staggering 24 per cent of people don't lock their car, despite this voiding their insurance. People in Birmingham are most likely to leave their vehicle unsecured at about one in three.

Rod Jones, insurance expert at, told The Mirror: "We know the British public are increasingly time poor, so it's unsurprising that motorists can be forgetful when it comes to locking up their cars or renewing their car MOT and taxes on time.

"With claims now running into the thousands of pounds, people can't afford to make a careless mistake that could invalidate their cover and leave them out of pocket."

Other obstacles that could invalidate your insurance include forgetting to renew your tax, not renewing your MOT on time, allowing pets to roam freely within your vehicle and lending your car to a friend or family member.

One that many of us are guilty of, according to Uswitch, is attaching air fresheners or fluffy dice to the rear-view mirror.

This could be viewed as dangerous and can hinder your vision from the mirror. Classed as 'ornamental clutter' they could even see you prosecuted if the police believe it creates blind spots in your vision, not just in the mirror but through the front windscreen.

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