Nicola's life hangs in the balance in Emmerdale as Rakesh torches house with her inside


Nicola King will find her life hanging in the balance after being caught in an explosion caused by Rakesh Kotecha in Emmerdale.

When Rakesh discovers that Mill Cottage is worthless due to dry rot, he decides to graffiti and torch the place in an insurance scam.

Rakesh Kotecha (Pacha Bocarie) is unaware Nicola is in the house when he starts to burn down Mill Cottage (Andrew Boyce/ITV)

But Rakesh (Pacha Bocarie) is unaware that while he covers the house in white spirit, Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) is upstairs recovering a bag of sex toys that she and Jimmy have left there.

Nicola readies herself to meet an intruder, but meets flames instead (Andrew Boyce/ITV)

When she hears someone break in downstairs, she prepares to face them - only to be met with a wall of flames.

A box of white spirit explodes and Nicola is knocked unconscious (Andrew Boyce/ITV)

As Nicola runs for the door, a box of white spirit explodes, bringing down scaffolding and knocking her out.

In horror Rakesh realises what he's done (Andrew Boyce/ITV)

Rakesh looks horrified when he realises what he has done, but it's down to Ronnie Hale and Dan Spencer (John McArdle and Liam Fox) to rush in and rescue her.

Will Nicola be left with permanent injuries? (Andrew Boyce/ITV)

After emergency surgery, Nicola pulls through - but she's alarmed when she can't move her right arm or leg. Will there be permanent damage? And will Rakesh get away with his scam?